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We are a company looking to provide customers with an excellent experience; therefore we have built an experienced and skilled team that constantly works in building long-term and sustainable relations with our clients. Based on our years of experience in the transportation industry, Paisley Minibus has designed a fleet that is based on fulfilling customers’ expectations. Our customers should not feel left out if they are planning to spend less money because everyone is accommodated. Whether you choose the executive or ordinary class, all the vehicles are well maintained. There are no cases of vehicle breakdown with Paisley Minibus Hire. So, whether you are looking for a personal trip or a coach for a professional event, you can depend on Paisley Minibus to become your trusted partners in filling your requirements as you need exactly.

Top 5 Things to do in Paisley

If you are planning to visit Paisley and are looking for a great city tour then you can hire our minibus or coach depending on whether you’re coming in a small or large group. Even if you are coming alone, you can visit the following attractions to make your trip memorable:

Paisley Abbey

This is the city that all six High Stewards of Scotland was buried. A city’s history is reflected in its beautiful architecture, landmarks and museums. It has a shrine that was elongated after the death of Saint Mirin who was the founder of the community living here. The name Paisley was derived from this place. It is due to the quick growth of the city that it acquired the title of an Abbey in the year 1245. The place is now a famous site that is used for prayers and adorations. If you want to learn about Paisley’s history and experience its architecture, you can visit Paisley Abbey and enjoy its wonderful construction, which shows the Scottish royalty and is the second largest architectural landmark after Edinburgh; then, you should visit Paisley Abbey. The best part is you can just take our airport transfer van and reach the Paisley Abbey in ten minutes.

Jenifer Braes Country Park

It is located on the southern side of paisley, and it consists of hills, which offer beautiful sceneries. If you are looking to enjoy the natural beauty of the city, you can visit this beautiful park with breath-taking scenery.  Jenifer Braes Country Park is the best site to visit as it has beautiful waterfalls, bird watching sites and a children’s playground, which is fully equipped, The Jenifer Braes Country Park is full of wildlife and footpaths so you can visit it for long walks and the beautiful scenery. Paths in the area are quiet and peaceful, and they provide a cool atmosphere for visitors taking walks. There are also several activities like cycling, horse riding, dog walking and kite flying. Visitors to these sites do not have to hire tour guides as guides are already provided by the local council. There are varieties of birds that are found in the area, and they include skylarks, kestrels and goldcrests, among others.

Coats Observatory

It was built in 1883 and is the first public view site in the country. Stargazing is a beautiful experience you can enjoy at Coats Observatory. If you are visiting Paisley during the winter then you can visit Coats Observatory for stargazing events. So, if you want to enjoy a beautiful couple experience or enjoy the experience with your friends, you can visit Coats Observatory and have the time of your life. Coast observatory is secure as any natural disaster that might happen is always monitored in advance. The daily weather forecast is done, and this has helped to put the major disasters like earthquakes under control. In case you are interested in learning about the history of coats observatory, you can make arrangements to visit the site. There are free tours that happen occasionally, and you can learn more amazing things about stars and planets.

Fountain Gardens

This is a beautiful park in Paisley with fountains and gardens, pond and a boathouse. A fountain garden is an open place for the public where you can benefit from the recreational facilities present. It is located in Paisley Scotland and takes the structure of a geometric design with drinking spurs, gardens and alpine beds. If you are looking to enjoy the natural beauty of Scotland with an iconic fountain, beautiful flower garden and greenery that will make you want to take long walks in the garden then you should visit the Fountain Gardens.

Crookston Castle

Crookston Castle is a historical castle ruin that dates back to 1600s and has central and four square corner towers. It is located on the south-west side of Scotland. The best part of the castle is you can get the full city view from the castle, and it is full of history. You can see the ring-ditch dating back to the 12th century created by Robert de Croc, giving the castle its name Crookston.

 If you visit the above five places, you will be able to enjoy the history, architecture, natural beauty and delight in the beauty of the city from the parks and the view of the city from the Crookston castle ruins. It is positioned at the top of a hill and has a ring ditch, which enhances its appearance. If you are looking for a service that can help you navigate the city and visit the attractions in Paisley and its surroundings, you can avail our minibus and coach hire Paisley service and save a lot of time while visiting places without getting lost in the city.

Top 3 Places to Stay in Paisley

Planning to visit Paisley and looking for affordable or luxurious and comfortable staying places in Paisley then please read below for the top 3 places to stay in Paisley:

ash tree House Hotel

Ash tree hotel is a four-star hotel that was built on a large historic house with a lovely staircase and wood panelling in the guest sitting area and dining room. The hotel has 14 rooms, which are fully decorated with advanced sanitation areas. These rooms are also built with the modern methods. The ash tree hotel will give you a feel of living in a lovely Scottish house with the luxuries of a modern hotel.

The hotel is at a quiet location, and your stay comes with free breakfast, Wi-Fi and parking space. There is delicious lunch offered and variety of snacks provided. They also provide fine whiskeys and wines from a sizeable selection for your choice. Tea and coffee are also available at ash tree House Hotel. On your way to and from the hotel, you will be able to enjoy a beautiful view and great city architecture of the city if you stay in the ash tree House Hotel. The services offered in this hotel leaves guests satisfied and happy. It is also a fantastic place for couples who want to enjoy some privacy. The hotel also has services for guests operating to and from the airport. If you are from the airport and have just been on a long flight, Paisley minibus is there to take you to ash tree House Hotel where you get the best services.

Best Western Skyline Motor Lodge

Best Western Skyline Motor Lodge is a great and comfortable hotel where you can enjoy great service, comfortable sleeping, free breakfast, free Wi-Fi, parking and indoor pools.  Fishing and hunting are popular activities around the area. Some of the services and amenities offered here include free parking, business conference halls, spa, guest laundry and hot swimming pools, among others. The rooms come with great comfortable beds, and the rooms are big enough. The breakfast provided is nutritional as it is filled with a variety of supplements. It is inclusive of bread, cereals, yoghurt, eggs, juices and coffee, which is the pure Arabica type. All the employees are highly qualified and professional and have been trained to offer the best customer services to every guest. If you are looking for the best place to take a vacation, this is just it. At the end of your stay, you will not feel like you have spent a fortune since every penny will be worthwhile.

 Muirholm Bed & Breakfast

Muirholm Bed & Breakfast is a luxurious bed and breakfast establishment in Renfrewshire that is located just 2 km away from Paisley Museum, Art Gallery and Paisley Abbey. If you are looking to stay in a great place from where you can reach the different landmarks of the city within just a few minutes and even enjoy star gazing at Coats Observatory without spending any money on a cab, you should book your stay at Muirholm Bed & Breakfast. 

Muirholm Bed and Breakfast is one of the most preferred places in Paisley. Guests prefer the hotel more than any other place in the area. It is a nice place for couples who prefer maximum privacy and adventure. Most guest prefers spending their hard earned cash here than in any other place around the city.

Whether you are staying near the landmarks or away from them when you are in Paisley, you can use, or Paisley minibus and coach hire to plan your trip around the city and outside. This will enable you to make memories that will stay with you forever.

Towns and Postcodes in Paisley

Paisley minibus and coach hire can be used for availing transport in, out of and to Paisley. Whether you want to visit the beautiful parks in Paisley or attend an event outside Paisley, you can avail our service. If you are wondering how you can get a quote then use one of the following postcodes that is applicable to your area. Use it along with your day and minibus or coach requirement and get an affordable quote:


PA1    PAISLEY    Paisley (central, east and northeast), Ralston    Renfrewshire

PA2    PAISLEY    Paisley (south), Castle head    Renfrewshire

PA3    PAISLEY    Paisley (north-west), Linwood    Renfrewshire

PA4    RENFREW    Renfrew, Inchinnan    Renfrewshire

Upcoming Events of 2017-2018 in Paisley

If you are planning to visit Paisley in 2017 or 2018 then read below for some events you can enjoy in the city starting from August 2017:

The many faces of Les Donaghy Friday 18th August - Friday 1st September 2017

Les was born and grew in the city of Clydebank and is an alumnus of Clydebank and it is at this place that he developed the work of art.  He is highly recognised all over, and people, including the first minister, love his work so much. The many faces of less Donaghy are the heavenly event for the art lovers. Les Donaghy’s recent return to the art community has been recognised widely, and his works are known throughout the world. The many faces of less Donaghy will display the different works of Les, including the series of large-scale portraits of Scottish musicians and Les’s Tartan Noir portraits. The event will be a celebration of Scotland’s crime writers, and the work of Les Donaghy and a surprise for the art lovers is that Les’s portrait of Nicola Sturgeon will be displayed in the exhibition for the first time.  It will be an event where all artists and other members of the public will have the privileged to meet Les Donaghy.

Gin Festival 20th August

If you are looking to party in Paisley and are already in the city then the regularly conducted Paisley Gin Festival should be your go to an event. This gin festival will be the third in the festival in the city and will be held at the city centre hotel due to people’s demand. The event will include not only gin but also a cocktail masterclass with head bartender Conor Jones and presentations from gin brand ambassadors across the UK. At only for £20 per person, the event includes three drink tokens, sweet treats, the best Gin flavours and tastes and a chance to taste and treat yourself to lovely gin brands.

Roots Rock Reggae against Racism Tickets Sunday 27 August

If you are planning to head towards Paisley in August, then you should attend the culturally diverse event of Govanhill International Carnival. The event is a celebration of the unique community and diverse culture, and it will be one colourful event. The event will take place during the weekend and will also be their anniversary day. Roots rock reggae against racism the Govanhill International Carnival will celebrate the more than 40 languages spoken in more than 60 nationalities of Scotland. A music festival will be run alongside the carnival organised by Alistair Hulett Memorial Trust with famous artists and DJs from Scotland.

The festival includes different and fantastic activities from the diverse cultural groups like dancing, live bands and music, street performers and also those who will have the best outfits will be awarded. Different song genres like reggae, roots and rock will be present to condemn racism across the region.

Jurassic Kingdom Glasgow

Jurassic Kingdom Glasgow arranges a jaw-dropping life-size animatronic dinosaur’s tour on a regular basis. So, if you are visiting Paisley, you should visit the Jurassic Kingdom Glasgow to see the prehistoric creatures that lurk around Glasgow’s Botanic Gardens on the 26th of August. If you have always wanted to arrange an educational trip for your children and family then you should visit the Jurassic Kingdom event and educate your kids with this fun event. The event is affordable as it doesn’t charge children under the age of two, and there is free food for the young ones too.  Paisley minibus will be available to offer excellent transportation facilities to everyone willing to visit Jurassic Kingdom Glasgow and, therefore, you can book them before 26th August. You don’t need tour guides as Paisley minibus drivers have a great experience in travel and so, customer satisfaction is guaranteed.

80' revival on Saturday 26th August 2017

Did someone say the parties in the 80s rocked? Then, get on that train and enjoy the best 80s revival party on the coming Saturday only for £23.00 per person. There will be a great dinner for three and great music. You can book the event in the comfort of your house using online services. If using the online service to book for the party while in Paisley, you can still use the same platform to book our Paisley Minibus and coach hire for travel arrangements.